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Shandong Liaocheng Derun EMT developing Co., ltd. was founded in 1986, covers an area of 60,000 square meters. has more than 500 employees and nearly 400 sets of high-end production and testing equipment, there are 8 large modern dust-free workshops, and has four branches throughout the country. Derun EMT is a group company integrating research and development,  production, sale and service. It is one of the largest production bases for the production of general gasoline engine parts and diesel vehicle engine parts in China.

Derun EMT is one of the largest suppliers of fuel injector spacers, adjusting gaskets, springs and pressure pins, piston pins, throttle pins and other traditional products in diesel engine factories at home and abroad. Since 2008, Derun EMT has successfully developed control valves……


What is a mask machine folding machine?

Mask machine folding machine is also known as cotton folding machine. As the name suggests, it is mask folding. What is a mask folding machine? This should not be explained more. It should be known that the mask should be folded and packed.

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